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     The people that make up Jeddo Coal Company have a long history in the Pennsylvania anthracite industry. In 1934, the company’s founders pooled their resources and purchased the flooded Sullivan Trail Mine located in the Borough of West Pittston. Contrary to popular opinion, these men believed that the mine was still commercially mineable despite a persistent flooding problem thought to result from seepage out of the nearby Susquehanna River. The water problem, in fact, was not related to the Susquehanna River, and with the use of more powerful water pumps, the Sullivan Trail Mine became a commercial success providing the necessary capital for the acquisition, development and mining of other coal properties. The founding partners continued to aggressively expand their coal operations by acquiring additional coal properties throughout the counties of Lackawanna, Luzerne, Carbon and Schuylkill, including the prime coal properties of the Lehigh Valley Coal Company. Ultimately in 1964, they acquired a substantial coal property located near Hazleton, Pennsylvania, known as the Jeddo Basin Property. The Jeddo Basin Property is currently the site of Jeddo Coal Company’s major strip mining operations. Today, the heirs of these founding pioneers, along with a management company headed by Charles E. Parente, continue the business with the same commitment to hard work, quality and reliable and dedicated service to our customers.

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